SwiftLift™ Victim Retrieval System

The SwiftLift Victim Retrieval System, was designed by firefighters to reduce time and man-power while increasing the safety of victim rescues. It makes several major advances in victim retrieval and compared to the most current methods, is an evolutionary, safer way to retrieve victims in over-bank rescue operations. The SwiftLift system is durable, uses “firefighter familiar” components, and requires approximately 30% of the man-power currently needed with the Z-Pulley system. The average rescue with the SwiftLift System is completed in 10-15 minutes versus current an over-bank rescue/retrieval using current ropes and pulleys, which can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes and usually requires up to 8 first responders just at the top of the embankment to haul the victims up. There may be as many as 6 others lifting and guiding the basket. That’s a lot of resources, a lot of valuable time and a lot room for injury.

advantages of SwiftLift2 SwiftLift™ Victim Retrieval System

Flaresun was formed with the purpose of designing, manufacturing, and distributing affordable, intuitive, lifesaving fire safety equipment and other safety related products to address the undeniable needs the fire and rescue industry has. As a team, we are exceptional and predicting trends and anticipating future problems that will be encountered in fire and safety because many of us are still employed in fire service and have a very high level of information on how government firefighter grant programs may be affected in the future. Also, our creators/innovators of Flaresun will know how to find the newest, best technologies and how they may be applied.

In addition to saving firefighters and rescuers, the products and equipment we bring to market are meant to increase a victim’s chance of surviving a serious incident while also mitigating the risk of injury to fire department personnel and rescuers.

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» Click here to see how easy it is to assemble the SwiftLift Assembly «(pdf)swiftlift logo sm SwiftLift™ Victim Retrieval System