Vendor Appreciation Award

ken little award 300x191 Vendor Appreciation AwardPresented by the Fire Service Manufacturers and Vendors Association in conjunction with the Ken Little Appreciation Award.

Last year we had the honor of celebrating Ken Lopes as the first recipient of the Vendor Appreciation Award.The award was presented to Ken by Ken Little. Ken Little was one of the driving forces be-hind the California Fire Service Vendors Association and it was most fitting that Ken present the first award to Ken Lopas. Information about vendor nominations for the 2012 award will be coming out around April. Nominations can be made for achievements through a lifetime of work or extraordinary achievements throughout the past year within our industry. This award is of extreme significance to all of the members of the Fire Service Manufacturers and Vendors Association and a great way to say “Job Well Done” to one of our peers.

This year the award will be kept a surprise and the winner will be announced at the FSMVA Exhibitor’s Meeting on Thursday, October 25th at 8:30 a.m.

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